This year our Student’s Council president Una Kuģeniece represented Tilza Secondary school in „Youth of the Year Award 2019” organized by Balvi County. We are enormously happy because Una got the nomination „Youth of the Year at School”.

Una is very active! She is actively engaged in „Youth guards”, regularly participates in orienteering competitions. Una is a second-year student of the general secondary education programme of Professional education „State Defence Studies.”

She is always actively engaged in organizing school events for other students as well as teachers. Una is involved in the project “Be a Leader!” where she studies how to work out projects as well as how to implement them. Regularly take place in “Debate Leader School” activities. She sings in a school choir, which has high achievements in Latvia. Una also masters her folk dance moves. She plays flute and is a part of the Balvi brass band! 


There is an opportunity knocking at your door!

"Debate Leader School 2019/2020" goes to schools in Latvia!

On December 13 project's "Debate Leader School" mentors Rota Lāce and Evita Bukonte visited Tilža Secondary School, which hosted both students from Tilža's and Baltinava's schools. During the meeting students learned debate skills through various games and activities.

Tilža Secondary School's teacher Liene Karole on the event: “Thanks to our mentors Rota and Evita we have had an amazing time spent during all the workshops they had prepared. It seems that the students who did not know much about debating previously are interested in it now and would like to develop the necessary skills to be great at debating, public speaking. We appreciate the effort of all Debate Leader school and we are thankful for the opportunities we are given. There is no doubt that this project is one of the best ones to go for if you wish to overcome fears of public speaking, develop critical thinking, learn how to debate and meet smart, intelligent, beautiful people.”

Project "Debate Leader School 2019/2020" is supported by the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga the British Council Latvia. The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Using the UK’s cultural resources, we make a positive contribution to the countries we work with – changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and stimulating trust. We work with over 100 countries across the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education and civil society. Last year we reached over 75 million people face-to-face and more than 755 million people online. Since 2016 British Council is implementing an impressive Programme in Baltic States, aimed at supporting activities in education, culture, art, social entrepreneurship and civic engagement.


“Debate Leader School 2019/2020”

On 26th and 27th October our students Līga Čirka and Una Kuģeniece took part in the first session of the project "Debate Leader School 2019/2020" which  is an amazing educational project organized by the Latvian Debate Association "QUO Tu doma?" and supported by the British Council Latvia since 2016.

During the project participants have a chance to participate in various lectures and practical workshops, starting with "What is debating and critical thinking?", "What is public speech?", "How to make a good argument?", ending with "Introduction to economics" and "Migration and globalization". Throughout the project, lectures will become more advanced and diverse. Participants are also encouraged to suggest their own ideas on lectures they would find beneficial to have. Working language of the project is English, therefore all participants should have sufficient English language level.